Missions Ministry

Our desire is to reach the world with the Gospel. We currently support a number of missionaries, which serve in the United States and overseas. For security some names are not listed below.

Prospective Missionary Questionnaire

Due to the number of requests that we receive for meetings from prospective missionaries, we kindly ask you to fill out this form and send back to us to help us better qualify potential missionaries. Thank you for your time and understanding.

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Missionaries sent out of Spring City Baptist Church:

Missionaries Sent Out of Spring City Baptist Church:

Terrell Bear - Las Vegas

Mike Gibson - Fairs and Festivals of America and Foreign Fields

Cody Stinson - Bible Radio Network

Scott Suttle - Scandinavia

Missionaries supported by Spring City Baptist Church

Abrell, Rijn – Australia

Allen, John – PNG

Allen, Matt – PNG

Arce, Nathan – Venezuela

Au, Andrew – Hong Kong

Baran, Chris – Philippines

Barkowski - Trinidad

Beard, Thomas – Mexico

Bernsdorf, Matt - Trinidad

Bolanos, Louis – Columbia

Branscomb - Asia

Brown, Andrew - S. Korea

Celestine, Dennis – Grenada

Christian, Jeff – Ukraine

Cleghorne, Duane - Indonesia

Colardo, Bobby – Philippines

Couriers for Christ

Creamer, Shawn – Caribbean

Demopolis, Perry – Ukraine

Dempsey, Jay – Canada

Doney, Mike - Philippines

Faulk, Tim – Philippines

Fellowship Tract League

Fussner, Heith - Africa

Gaddes, Phillip - Australia

Gade, Nells – PNG

Geer, Tom –  Children’s Ministry

Gordon, David – Canada

Gordon, Matt – Canada

Haley, Junior - Belgium

Hamby, Jason – Canada

Hamilton, Paul – Moldova

Harwood, Mark – Canada

Hearn, Alan

Hoffmeister, James – Trinidad

Holt, Steven – Sierra Leone

Homan, Jamie – Italy

Johnson, Matt – Mexico

Kessler, Danny – Bulgaria

Kinsey - Costa Rica

Leonard, Chuck – Ukraine

Lewis, Travis – Philippines

Litson, Matt – Canada

Loop, David – Portugal

Marsh, Joel – Guatemala

Martinez, Joseph – USA

Maynard, Buddy – Heritage Boy’s Home

Meyer, Michael – Mexico

Moisuc, Cornel – Romania

Murray, Chris – Philippines

Norton, Bill - Mexico

O’Brien, John – Ukraine

Owens, Samuel - Rep. Georgia

Pascual, Jonathan – Philippines

Pieruki, Paul – Romania

Porter, Jeff – South Africa

Pritchard, Paul Sr. -  Brazil

Razon, Ramon – Philippines

Reece, Ron - Nova Scotia

Roberts, Mike

Roth, David – USA Prisons

Runyon, Dean – Guyana

Sanchez, Ismael – Philippines

Saunders, Mike – USA Prisons

Schwaderer, Doug – Canary Islands

Severs,  Jason – Alaska

Shell, Kyle - Papua  New Guinea 

Sherrouse, Matthew – Brazil

Smith, Mike – Estonia

Snyder, Ted – Honduras

Spring City Baptist Publishing

Stensaas, Keith – Uganda

Sterling, David – Russia

Stokes, Joshua – Spain

Sutek, Gerald – Philippines

Suttle, Brooks – New England

Sykes, Steven – USA

Tabernacle Baptist Children’s Home

The Thessalonica Project

Tribuzio, Dan - Australia

Unger, Rob – Youth USA


Victorious Valley Girl’s Home

Victory Baptist Press

Wells, Brad – Washington, D.C.

Whittemore, Duain – A.B.M.I.

Whittemore, Lamar – South Dakota

Wilson, Skip – Canada

Witherall, Wayne – Puerto Rico

Wood, Adam - Asia

Woodworth, Buck – Guyana

Wright, JR - Greenland

Zwingel, Jon – Russia